Green Bench Tap Takeover

Green Bench Tap Takeover at ACCANTO

Wednesday, April 15 to April 18th

Beers and pairings will change but this is what we are starting with tonight!  

Beers will be available for lunch and dinner!!

Skyway – 4.4% ABV, 1.6 SRM, 11.5 P, 55 IBU   $5

Skyway is an American-style Hoppy Wheat Ale, brewed with Flaked Wheat, Citra, Amarillo, Sorachi Ace, and Cascade hops. At just under 4.5%, Skyway maintains a rich mouthfeel but drinks like a session IPA.

We are pairing this with:

Rabbit and house guanciale ravioli, wheat broth, ricotta salata, ruby red grapefruit, fennel frond and herb salad   $13

Les Grisettes – 4.3% ABV, 2.3 SRM, 11 P, 17.5 IBU    $5

Brewed with European Pilsner, Spelt, Rye, Oats, and Buckwheat, slightly acidified and fermented 100% on a mixed house culture of Brettanomyces, prior to being conditioned on more wild yeast in the bottle, Les Grisettes is an extremely complex, balanced, and dry low alcohol farmhouse ale.

We are pairing this with:

Coal miners pie of coastal morels, green garlic, turnip leaves, caramelized onions, emmer farro $13

Saison de Banc Noir – 6%, 21 SRM, 12.2 P, 43 IBU    $5

Saison de Banc Noir is a core in our St. Peter’s Belgian Line: a 100% oak fermented farmhouse ale in a custom built foeder, the first of its kind, consisting of 75% French Oak and 25% American Oak staves. By combining the rustic, peppery flavors of our farmhouse yeast strain with the complex dark fruit notes of roasted wheat and dark Belgian candi syrups, we’ve created an intricately delicate “Black Saison” that contains ornate notes of raisins, plum, dark grape, and peppercorns.

We are pairing this with:Chicory salad, grass fed bison heart pastrami, shaved jack cheese, charred plum vinaigrette  $9